The One

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As a kid i always admired the stars,
I was intrigued by the way they shone.
And when my teacher would put a star in my book,
I knew in my heart that it would always shine, for as long as I admired it.
As I grew up I learnt to admire other things,
But I also learnt to hinder the admiration till the time was right.
Prior to my coming here to university,
I unlocked that slot of admiration in my heart that I had put away,
I guess it’s true that everything in life has an appointed time.
My eyes fell on this girl and my heart cried out “Please”
I was caught up in deciding whether the slot I had was big enough.
For I had this feeling inside of me that I never knew existed.
I tried so hard to be perfect, and in my perfection pressed all the wrong buttons.
I fell on my knees and I cried;
“Please help me get my message across”
I stood up and realised that what I felt was love,
And that I could not give up no matter what.
For not every man has something so precious.
This girl was everything I had always searched for,
And everything about her matched the imprints on my slot
That girl is you;

Author: karabo
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