Make Me A Blessing , Lord

Submitted By: BevRt2

Make me a blessing , Lord ! Help me
To help those needing help , to be
A blessing to my fellow men .
Insruct me when to speak and when
To hold my speech , when to be bold
In giving and when to withhold ;
And if I have not strength ,
Then give me strength . Lord , make me tough
With my own self but tender toward
All others . Let there be outpoured
On me the gentleness to bless
All who have need of gentleness .
Give me a word , a touch to fill
The lonely life , faith for the ill ,
And courage to keep hearts up though
My own is feeling just as low .
When men have bitter things to meet
And quail and would accept defeat ,
Then let me lift their eyes to see
The vision of Thy Victory .
Help me to help ; help me to give
The wisdom and the will to live !

Author: unknown
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