Every Even Though

Submitted By: tracetrace

Every dream i have, your face and smile
is everywhere i look.
The feeling of you comming back is like
a happy ending book.
Even though sometimes i believe its way
to good to be true.
It's still so wierd that i really don't
care if I never have a clue.
I won't call it a game, but I like how
I have to chase you around.
Even though I have to wait, nuthing
you do bring's me down.
I will admit that the way I wait hurt's
me in a little way.
But I wonder if haveing one more day with
you is worth the heart ach.
It does scare me becuase I have had
that feeling once before.
And when it came to the end and tear's, I
Couldn't even move my mind was so sore.
There's something different though, when I
feel that way about us.
Because even if the end isn't happy, you
taught me how to truely love.
I guess I can't decide if any of this is worth
it til' I figure out how it end's.
It's so wierd how in a way I really don't
care aslong as we stay friend's.
Right now, to me, nuthing matter's but to
daydream of you comming back.
Even if you don't to love me, you walking completley
away, I couldn't handle that.
I guess all I"m trying to say or
even just let you know.
Friend or to be inlove whatever you need
I just can't ever see letting you go.
So take these word's and place them
as so much more.
Take my love and close it very tight
and board down the door.
Because the way you go, I don't care aslong
as your truely happy.
Just remember our thought's , our smile's even our arguement's
just please, don't ever forget about me.

Author: Tracey L. Nelson
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