From Stan

Submitted By: Zundrea

Hi Friend…Stan Ingram…you got a minute?
I won’t take up too much of your time; I know you’ve got things to do.
There are just a few things I need to call your attention to.
Just so you know, the other night while I was out on my bike,
I was feeling good…having the time of my life.

See, whenever I get a little stressed or simply had a long day,
I just take my baby out on the road and ride the pressure away.
Everybody has their own way of coping; that one thing they love to do.
For one man it might be working w/ his hands or watching TV; what is it for you?

Yeah, that’s cool and all; I understand that feeling very well.
See for me, it’s riding my bike, I wonder if you can tell?
Just for a few hours I take my life and carefully place it on the shelf
While I suit up for protection, safety, and of course a little style…
See getting dressed is an event in itself.

After days full of deadlines, cell phones, and running from place to place,
I step out of the box for an adventure and freedom…setting my own pace.
When riding, I am free to separate myself from the monotony of my daily life.
I am fully awakened inside…dismissing schedules & the clock…suspending time.

I can’t fully convey the healing power of riding to you; though I just gave it a go. But I will say this….those who don’t believe….never rode before.
Well, I’ve got to go now but thanks for listening to a brother.
I really appreciate how we were; how we always looked out for one another.

I know you always had my back and in you, I always had a friend.
I knew I could count on you to be there until the very end.
Speaking of which, it’s that time for me and I must say goodbye.
But don’t cry for me Friend… dry your eyes.
Look toward Heaven and remember your boy…R1 FLYING BYE!

~Zundrea Baldwin~
October 25, 2006

Author: Zundrea
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