Submitted By: KAISER

I stopped to watch my little one
busy playing in his room.
In one hand was a plastic phone;
in the other a deflated balloon.
I listened as he was saying
to his make believe little friend
and I'll never forget the words he said,
even though it was pretend.
He said, "teddys in the corner
cuz he's not been very good.
he didn't listen to a word I said
or do the things he should."
In the corner I saw his teddy bear
all dressed in a bow and brown fur.
It was obvious he'd been put there
to sit all alone for sure.
My son continued his "conversation,"
as I sat down on the floor.
he said, "I'm all fed up I just don't know
what to do with him anymore?
He whines whenever I have to work
and wants to play games, too;
he never lets me do the things
that I just have to do?
He tries to help me with the dishes,
but his arms just cannot reach
and he doesn't know how to fold the towels
and I don't have the time to teach.
I have a lot of work to do
and a big house to keep clean.
I don't have the time to sit and play-
don't you know what I mean?"
And that day I thought a lot
about making some changes in my life;
as I listened to his innocent
words that cut me like a knife.
I hadn't been paying enough attention
to what I hold most dear.
I'd been caught up in responsibilities
that increased throughout the year.
But now my attitude has changed,
because, in my heart, I realize
I've seen the world in a different light
through my little darling's eyes.
So, let the cobwebs have the corners
and the dustbunnies rule the floor,
I'm not going to worry
about keeping up with them anymore.
I'm going to fill the house with memories
of a child and his mother
for God grants us Only One Childhood,
and we will never get another.

Author: Unknown
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