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I guess it was silliness that led me to you
I was silly to let you in my life
I was silly to think that I wouldnít get hurt
But look at me now
Iím sitting here in despair
Trying to deal with this unbearable pain
Yeah, thatís what it is
I was silly to think I could love you like I did
And then go and think that nothing could tear it apart
But it happened
And I sit here feeling sorry for myself
And I think about how silly I was
And how silly we were to think it wasnít too good to be true
But it was because it was silly
Silly to love each other the way we did
To other people thatís all it gonna be
Two young people in love is just silliness
I was silly
You were silly
And thatís just how it is

Stephanie Sanchez

Author: Unknown
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