Falling Stars

Submitted By: Twizztidknightowl

LOOK! right there by your feet...
A fallen star and it's all yours.
Once resting softly in it's place,
then with the blink of an eye,
it slowly began to loose it's strength....
lower, lower, and still lower it falls....
the BAMMM!!! there it is resting beside you.

Of all the people in the world it chose you.
Why? Do you ever think about it?
What did you do that was so mysterious
that this star chose you over everyone else.
Look closely and you can see your face shining back.

It's such a beautiful face you know....
Two soft cheeks, a cute chin, and two shining eyes.
Don't forget to glance at the hair blowing gently about.
Look!!! there's another.... do you see?????
Wow!!! Two stars in the same night...
How wonderful it must be to have such luck!!!!

Once I had stars falling for me just the same...
It wasn't luck, I didn't do anything wonderful...
I didn't even make a wish when I saw them.
It was one of those nights.
You must know the feeling!
Everything was suddenly spinning, I thought...
What did I do to deserve this???
Stars don't fall for just anyone so why me.
I'm not anything special; haven't conquered the earth,
neither have I saved the world.
God knows me more then anything, I felt like I didn't deserve it.
So why me? of all the people in the world why me???

As time went on I seemed to understand...
Oh yes I believe they will fall again.
And as I look down at them and see them,
reflecting me standing there in awe.
It will be a little different...
Oh there will be the eyes, cheeks, floating hair and chin.
But the next time I believe there will be a glowing smile.
No these stars have not truly fallen from the sky.
These stars are the same as me.
Mere reflections simply bouncing off river of tears
because today was a bad day.
But I know things happen for a reason,
and just as those stars fell....
others will fall again.

But you see.... the next time the reflections I see
will not be bouncing off of tears of sadness,
they will be bouncing off the biggest tears ever seen...
For they will be tears of joy.

Author: Timothy Sides (TWIZZTID)
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