Valentine's Every Day

Submitted By: Scrap247

Presciently, Fearless, Kind, Patient, Love, Discerner, Protector, Forgiving, Demanding, Honest, Listener, Mother, Father, Friend, Lover, Watcher, Doer, Faithful, Teacher, Leader, Humble, Hopeful, Confident, Invincible, Prayerful, Omnipotent, Omnificence, Noble, Sapient, Giver, Awesome, Complete, Perfect,

God-fearing, Smart, Honest, Funny, Handsome, Protector, Cheerful, Hopeful, Clever, Handy, Problem-Solver, Discerner, Lover, Friend, Doer, Willing, Leader, Skillful, Faithful, Intense, Patriarchal, Stylish, Goal-Oriented, Artsy, Musical,

God-fearing, Loving, Patient, Kind, Problem-Solver, Friend, Lover, Willing, Faithful, Teacher, Goal-Oriented, Matriarchal, Artsy, Philomath, Protector

You and I have some great qualities. Together, we make an awesome team. We were created in the image of God and must do our best to seek to be like Him. I think we are working hard to be Christ-like and I feel blessed to be with a man, who respects the Will of God. I believe that God has a divine plan for our lives. I think that in this big world, we are meant to accomplish something special. I think we have accomplished one God’s greatest commands: love. Our love is unmistakably special. Everyday, I wake up and realize how blessed I am to say, “we, us, our.” You are a wonderful man. You make everyday Valentine’s Day. Let’s continue to pray, talk and love. I think if we continue on this path, then we will accomplish all our dreams and receive all the Lord has for us. Good, bad and ugly, lets continue to love, respect and cherish every moment together.

Happy Valentine’s Day Forever!

Author: lthill4
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