Submitted By: KSac1980

Happy Birthday To My Cousin
Who is sweet as she can be
You are the best cousin I could have
Iíll love you for Eternity

You are beautiful and sweet
With a great personality
This is not a fantasy
Its in reality

You are a precious cousin
There arenít many like you
You are a good Christian
In all that you do

Anytime you need me
Call me and Iíll be there
Even if you need advice
My feelings I will share

If you need to talk about something personal
Call me and let me know
I will always be there for you
To me you can always go

I Love My Sarah Goodman
I know I always will
When you get married and have kids
Iíll never make you pay a bill

Happy Birthday to my cousin
Who is very sweet and kind
A Cousin like Sarah Goodman
Is very hard to find


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