Submitted By: KSac1980

I wrote this Poem
To tell you how I feel
There is no way in hell
This relationship could be real

I am so glad to have you
For a cousin and friend
You are the sweetest thing
God could ever send

When you are blue
And need someone to talk to
Call me Kelley
Iíll be there for you

Your eyes sparkle like diamonds
And the room they light up
If you ask me if its true
Iím gonna say yup

I love my cousin Kelley
Youíre sweet and kind
A cousin like Kelley Fries
Is very hard to find

There is no other cousin
As beautiful as you
You are a good person
In everything you do

Happy Birthday Kelley
You have a loving and gentle touch
Youíre kind and precious
And I love you very much

Happy Birthday Kelley!

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