Along Your Way

Submitted By: Jaymie Ashley

The sunset along my horizon,
is the rising sun above your hills.
it brings the night; a dark illusion,
as it welcomes your morning and your day it fills.

During these moments i tend to wonder...

When you walk home late at night,
along the empty coblestone streets,
and the sun peaks through the landscape into site,
Do you think of me?

With a pack on your back and trails at your feet,
all the creatures, the streams and beauty you see,
during cultural traditions and with all the new people you meet,
Do you think of me?

When awe of nature's creations take your breath away,
and your ears are filled with sweet melody
of the wind, and willows, and booming waterfalls forte,
Do you think of me?


When my night falls and darkness surrounds me,
I think of your day and pray that its great.
When the morning light is in site and the sun comes to greet me,
I hope it left you a colorful sunset and in a peaceful state.
As I travel and go about my life with laughs and smiles,
I imagine where you are and that you are smiling too.
If trials and tribulations obstruct my path, or if I've had a bad day,
I think of you and hope that maybe once in a while, along your way---
You think of me too.

Author: Jaymie Ashley
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