Submitted By: Jaymie Ashley

i'm in no position to ask things of you.
i'm in no position to be demanding answers
i can't justify any words to say to you
where does this leave me?
what is my position?

Since you left, i have not laughed sincerely.
my signiture smile (the smile i usually carry), you carried away with you.
my "have-dones" made me vulnerable to you.

i stand alone, and far from you - as far as i can tell -
i've never felt as distanced from you as i do today.
the current result of this scares me shitless-
for i have been completely stripped.

stripped of my smile, my eyes and ears;
my mouth is motionless,
i dont see light,
and I'm deaf to laughter

i'm stripped of my clothes, my hair, my shoes;
my body is shivering.
i am light headed and confused,
i have lost all direction.

i'm stripped of my stomach, my mind, and my person;
i'm empty inside,
ultimately clueless,
and incapable of interaction.

all of me that remains
is a naked, hollow corps,
inhabiting a broken heart.

i never knew i could feel this way
or ever thought i'd be able to explain it -
but i just did - to a T.
however, i never imagined
that the perpetrator of it all -
would be me, myself and my stupidity...

Author: Jaymie Ashley
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