Daddy's Little Girl

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Daddy's Little Girl

Hey Daddy, do you remember when,
You would play with me for hours on end?
You would sing to me and play your guitar,
I always laughed at how funny you were.

Then we moved and something changed,
We weren't as close, we grew further away.
You would still sing and play your songs,
But our relationship never grew strong.

I miss the good -ole'- times we had,
The bad times then even weren't that bad.
I missed my daddy oh so much,
I missed his loving care and touch.

I want to know who took my daddy away,
Who was this monster that though it could stay?
I didn't know what it was or what I could do,
Leave my daddy alone is all I knew.

A few years later, I found out,
What this monster was all about.
You may think it is your best friend,
But a home-wrecker it is to the end.

Alcohol took my daddy away,
He depended on it in every way.
I guess my daddy forgot I was here,
To show him my love grew every year.

A few more years went on with time,
I lost my mom, I don't know why.
I needed my daddy there for me,
I needed him to help me grieve.

Without my daddy times were harder,
I was on my own no mother or father.
I don't know how I made it through,
My friends helped me more than they knew.

I have had a hard time this year,
Now my daddy really isn't here.
God took him away to his home,
5 years and 10 days after my mom was gone.

I loved my daddy with all my heart,
And would give anything for a new start.
I know his addiction wasn't because of me,
But could I have done something differently?

Daddy I know you're not here anymore,
I want you to know i love you more.
More than you would ever accept,
Not telling you enough I do regret.

I just want to tell you wherever you are,
I always loved you near or far.
Because to me you mean the world
I will always be Daddy's Little Girl.

I love you and miss you daddy!!

Author: Sarah Towry
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