My Whispers to the Night

Submitted By: Faithbook for Him

The soft sound of the wind
plays the instruments of your voice!
It waltzes through the eardrums of my heart
to remind me of the time we spent together.

Let the stars shine bright
as a mirror image of your look!
Let the clouds form shapes in the skies
in an attempt to draw your silhouette!

Let the memories glide amongst the days that we have spent apart!
Let them serve as instruments to reconstruct the moments I
spent by your side!

May you feel my kiss in the whispers of the night
as I send them one by one dancing...
May they learn the intimacy that we shared
and the secrecy of my love!

May I one day find the strength
to love you face to face!
In the meantime,
I'll continue dreaming of our fate!

Author: Al-Marie Mere
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