Submitted By: KSac1980

The angel of all motherhood
She kisses each child good night
Wraps a child in her special wings
And holds all children tight

She is a perfect Angel to answer to
A Mother's special prayer
Forever she is constantly
Hovering somewhere

A treasured gift this angel is
She'll always do her part
Protect each gift that you receive
That lives inside your heart

A gift from God He sent her here
To hold your child so close
The precious gift a child to love
A most angelic host

The Angels Name is Karen
She is the only Angel that shines so bright
She is an amazing angel
That will guard you through the night.

The Angel Karen is truly wonderful
She’ll Kiss your tears away
The angel Karen Is so Beautiful
She looks pretty Every day.

So say a prayer to her each night
Forever she'll be near
A Guardian to every child
Each one her heart will wear~

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