I Cried

Submitted By: Carol's Creations

I Cried

After doing the mundane things of the day;
The dishes, the laundry, the shopping, the dinner, and finally after the scary movie,
When the lights went off, while in bed,
I cried.
I cried thinking about what the day should have been,
Aiden's 1st Birthday.
I cried thinking about who he'd be today,
A rambunctious little toddler, getting into everything.
I cried trying to imagine what he'd look like today,
A smaller version of his daddy, but with more hair.
I cried, most of all, just simply because I missed my son,
I missed being his mommy.
The pain lingers into today and
It will forever follow into my untold future,
I cried.

For my son, Aiden Grey, on the day you should have been born,
1 year later (3/11/06)


Author: Carol N.
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