Airplane (Love)

Submitted By: marvelis

a palette of
blue and white
fading into dusk.
bronze and silver light
across night savvy cities
melting through the glass
like loneliness
spangled on the inside of eyelids.
consciously measuring
to drown out the distance
the ever widening leagues between
one car driving home
and the square
of carpet
where a suitcase will be rolled to a stop.
the sound of a voice a better-than-nothing replacement
for smile lines
and the warmth of
98.6 degrees
of physiology
the weight counterbalancing
the couch cushion
the companionable clink of
two forks
the expectancy behind
a key
turning in the door
the rush of having dinner
having the passenger seat
an arm draped around the back of a chair that actually
has someone in it
the unfiltered laughter.

Author: Elisabeth Komae Li
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