Lucky Guy

Submitted By: marvelis

Someday maybe we'll look back and laugh
or roll our eyes
at the way we used to be
how we used to make mistakes
hopefully we'll be better
by then
but for the time being at least
i just wanted to say
that i'm better than hallmark
because if you saw a card with this written in it
you'd think gee
how cheesy
but since you know me
and i wrote it for you
then you'll think
wow, she's so great
i am great you know...
in case you hadn't noticed yet
that's why it would take someone really special
and wonderful
to attract my attention
to win my favor
to catch my eye
i guess that's you
you're pretty lucky
you son of a gun you
i'm just glad
that i don't have to
talk to dorks anymore
cuz i can just say
'i got a man'
even though my name's not chante

Author: Elisabeth Komae Li
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