Is This It?

Submitted By: marvelis

i have a tendency to rush into things/what the future brings/your favorite color being? Green?/i mean i've seen some serious head hangin foot draggin complainin it's drainin/the excitement waning/what happened to us the trust turned into lust and fuss and 'do this' 'i want' 'we must'/the flush of a first blush lost on the first crush now turned to dust/frustration mounting drama compoundin drowning out the sounds of our love/game playin resentment hurt bitterness confusion/wastes the time we should spend with emotional bruisin/we're constantly fighting and constantly losing/eyes on the prize now blinded by half lies/good intentions 'i care about you'/but the actions are shallow and they don't compute/you brood in your room with the gloom getting deeper/i used to be a dreamer/cherished secret keeper/romancer enhanced by this magical dance/take a risk and a chance/capitalize on that first glance/i ask for your name/as it happens i pause to grapple with my thoughts/should i act right now or will i get caught/i'd rather not be consumed/so i ought to leave you/they say true love conquers all/that you'll catch me if i fall/i don't have to be afraid to give you all, everything/i open up my life to you, let you be the reason my heart sings/sweet sweet melodies/gleams gasps glimmers glows/my love grows unfolds/please be more than just someone to hold

Author: Elisabeth Komae Li
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