Submitted By: marvelis

when you tell me to leave you alone
i don't
when you tell me to stop talking
i won't
i fill your space
forcing you to make better use for it
in order to reclaim it for yourself
and you become
more than you would be
if i did not
- stagnating in your space
growing comfortable with the margins
and borders
set at the default mark -
don't get me wrong
i respect distance
everybody knows all too well that i do
but this is us
and i wield my tools accordingly
sometimes you heat up
and push at me
with your words
or your hands
solidifying your thoughts into
a solid mass
i don't mind the discomfort
and tension
i've seen you become stronger
more confident
better able to express yourself
and validate your choices
I would hope that you would do the same for me

Author: Elisabeth Komae Li
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