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remember when we were like that? rewind back? you were on my side protectin me in a fight-back? we could always count on each other to be at the airport after a flight back? love was something we didn't turn our backs on cuz we were united like that?
people change, people grow up, people need to find their own space, and so on and so forth ad nauseum
i just wish you could've figured that out before all of the promises were made all the love hope trust faith and so on and so forth ad nauseum
in the meantime
wouldn't it be nice if
i could go on happily, waiting for the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow, living and loving and learning and maybe just maybe, we could find our way back to each other after all of the deep soul searching refocusing getting priorities straight heads straight lives straight?
too bad it don't work like that
and in that same meantime i have to deal with being a bigger person, understanding, and somehow still loving?? at the same time hating, loathing despising questioning breaking down wondering if all along you were just lying? was i lying to myself? stupid to believe to let it be?
in this crazy place of juxtaposition
it ain't like no one else ever went through this
but i'm talking about me
be strong love yourself be an independent woman the car i'm driving i bought it the shirt on my back i rock it and you're gonna regret this and i'm gonna forget this and make you wish you never left this and when you try again
you'll be dismissed
i wish

Author: Elisabeth Komae Li
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