Beach Memorial

Submitted By: marvelis

today the beach. with the gray damp that generally coats and subdues the city. a chance at vitamin d production is eagerly seized. a leisurly westward drive. glassless vision blurred by semi-closed lids against the bright. the music. is always loud. sometimes i get back into the car and scare myself with the volume of last time's music. windows. head hittin the down beats.
slacks and collared plaid cotton. loafers. the blonde at his side gazing up at him in soulful adoration. eager and clearly in love. delighted at the attention he gives. a long red plastic device launches a ball and the blonde goes skidding out into the tide. speeding back only to veer away. feinting. teasing. without breaking a stride he reaches his girl. taps her with the wand until she drops the ball then pins it under his foot as she carries on by trying to retrieve it. it's an endearingly familiar routine. launch. repeat.
all along the tide line. tissue thin discs of translucent white thumbprints peel back from a jeweled blue base. speculations are cast. the unfamiliarity. the unknown is disturbing. we walk along until we can't ignore them anymore. i gingerly lift one between my fingertips to reveal a tiny ciliatic fringe. suspicion confirmed. jellyfish. two to three inches long. strewn in a mass graveline waiting for the tide to dance them to sleep.
black mica glitters up in ridges where the ripples have pushed and dried. russian passes by in long thick rolled tones. sanderlings skitter back and forth. moving in short bursts of flight. dipping and dodging as their tiny toes print futilely against the tidewet sand.
it reminds me of him. and i miss him.

Author: Elisabeth Komae Li
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