Wedding Vows - Remember

Submitted By: LizSeeley

As we set out on the path of married life
And today we become Husband and Wife
I thought it would be a good idea
To remind you of the promises made here

If time moves on and is not kind
And life becomes a bit of grind
If we get all wrinkly and old
Remember, to have and to hold.

If things get tough and they probably will
And the road to our future seems all up hill
If all our life seems like one big curse
Remember, for better or worse

If finances start to get real tight
And the end of the tunnel has no light
If the bank keeps asking for morer and morer
Remember, for richer or poorer

If one of us gets ill and feel the worlds at an end
And only expensive treatment will put us on the mend
If we have to make a choice between life or wealth
Remember, in sickness and in health

If we have issues that pull us apart
And itís not as easy as it was at the start
If it feels like our marriage is about to perish
Remember, to love and to cherish

No one knows what our life will decide
But good or bad, it fills me with pride
To say I will love you with all of my heart
From this day forward till death do us part.

Author: Liz Seeley
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