Where I'm From

Submitted By: angela10

I am from coin collections,
From the ABC spoon and love here and there!
I am from the big wooden swing set
Sweaty dad & uncles made just for me.
I am I am from the basketball hoop,
The hot tub
We lost our earrings.

I am from stuffed animals and pets,
From uncle Clem and Aunt MaryAnn.
I'm from the "homework first, friends later"
And the "hurry up were late"
From "you'll just have to hold it"
I'm from purple watches
And cute bracelets.

I'm from friends & cars speeding
Spagetti and meetballs
From the Italian dinners we shared with reatives
In the diary under the bed is a page of you !
I love to write, about you, and that's why I keep a diary.

I'm almost in the 6th grade
With those memories stuck in my heart!

Author: Angela Cordisco
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