The Thumb

Submitted By: Kaleb's Gram

I found my little thumb
It had been here the whole time
When I finally got to taste it
I was really glad it's mine

My thumb comes in many flavors
Any flavor that I pleased
What's the flavor of the day
My grandpa gently teased

Some days it was grape
Sometimes it was cherry
But I think it was my favorite
This one they call strawberry

My thumb is many things
More than just a tasty treat
When I played upon the swing
It held me in my seat

My thumb is very special
The best in all the land
For when I was really small
It helped me hold my grandpa's hand

My thumb is always there for me
Through each book grandpa read
And it stayed there right beside me
Even after tucked in bed

Now I am all grown
This thumb I no more taste
But I got all its flavors
Not one went to waste.

Author: Nancy Reese
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