Submitted By: Cherylz

As I promise myself to be faithful to him
Even though sometimes he makes my life bright in dim
As the time goes by
Curiosity makes me want to cry
As I lonely through the night alone
Someone come and try to heal the wound
As the courage of loyalty getting weaker
Iím lost in my own fear
I break my own wall
As Iím going down to fall
As the kiss had change everything
Iím lost in our dreams
To them, I feel so guilty
It be a sin, that hunts me until eternity
Iím afraid to lose them both
But I know, I just make it worst
I realize the thing that Iíve done
And now, Iím out of no where to run
Just waiting in the cold
For them to know, that Iím unfaithfulÖ

1.28 PM
January 3, 2007

Author: Izatty Azmi
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