In a life name teenager

Submitted By: Cherylz

We know each other since we were 13
I donít know how long this relationship might have been
Weíre chilling out with all the laughter
In the life named teenager

Every single tear we wipe it away
Day after day we go through and pray
Holding tight to our best friend
Till the end

Making a mess, itís our style
Never having break even for a while
Having a stroke of rattan as a reward
And that was our big award

We rock the whole school with the fun we make
When we look back now will that fun still be great?
And even sometimes when we feel so afraid
Weíre just holding tight to our faith

We used to think that life is unfair
We want to move on but we just donít know where
Stuck in the world named teenager
The hardest part of life that we use to go through together

Deep inside my heart I miss this life
Cheering me up and made me feel so alive
But when the time comes it blows me away
Into such a different special way

And now thus life has already gone
We have a big job to run
So busy to have some fun
These memories still keep hunting my mind

11.12 PM
March 7, 2005

Author: Izatty Azmi
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