Life, Relationship, the Truth & Lies

Submitted By: Cherylz

The promise that we made
At the end that we brake
A laughter that we share
A fighter we declare
The lies that we hide
For the cries of our pride
The ego that surround
Burning us into a perfect wound
The truth of our heart
For not letting the tears falls apart
But we break the vow
For no reason somehow
For the trust thatís getting weaker
And we lost in our fear
For the love that grows
Endlessly it flows
Then somehow we realise
Itís all the agony from the past
Sharing the re-born relationship
Had made us appreciate our friendship
And no more truth to hide
And no more lies can tear us apart

2.25 PM
April 24,2006

Author: Izatty Azmi
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