farewell to a dog

Submitted By: bumcheeks

He gave you love and loyalty,
cuddled up to you, upon your knee,
Brought such joy into your life,
Gave you reason through your strife,
Such a loving trusted friend,
Always faithful to the very end,
Now he's had to say goodbye,
He's off to his kennel in the sky.

One thing I know is definitely true,
His spirit will forever be with you,
Keeping with you, adoring as always,
Take comfort from this, in all your sad days.

To think of him now makes you cry,
But one day you won't even have to try,
To recall the things that made you love him,
Those antics of his will conjure a grin,
I know he will always be there in your heart,
Just like he has been, right from the start.

Author: bumcheeks
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