Life before

Submitted By: Lindsay_Loves

I think of how life used to be before you came my way, The tears Ive cried, the payers Ive prayed, to make it through each day. Now my thoughts of you calm my fears and give me peace of mind, Just knowing that Ive found someone who is warm and kind. So many times Ive wondered why I couldn't find true love, And now I know a love like that is a gift from God above. I'm overwhelmed with love and joy and passion in my heart, And thankful for this life of mine of which you are a part. I thank the Lord for giving me the wisdom and the strength, To rise above the trials of life no matter what the length. And from my heart I thank you too, For making me laugh and smile, For giving me faith, hope, and love, And for making life worthwhile.

Author: Unknown
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