sailors love

Submitted By: kit-cat

Though I have seen both storms and gales
The time that I have spent at see
The loving winds that fill my sails
Is the woman that waits home for me
these long dark nights I stand my watch
While she is left home on shore alone
I hope she knows my heart is caught
I've left it there with her at home
For every time our lines are heaved
Her heart is left to sit and wait
I can't imagine or believe
Her love for me can be so great
The ships will sail for months on end
While she stares lonely from the shore
Across the waves the love she sends
Will see me safely home once more
From foreign shores I send my love
At home for me she burns the fires
To woman shes the step above
My love my love my one desire
And on that day when we return
Her beauty will be waiting still
The time apart of no concern
Her love for me is iron will
The day this sailor leaves the sea
A dept of love I must repay
A thousand years will never be
A payment for a single day
So gather around so you can hear
If you should doubt gods love in life
Its standing right there on the pier
My gift from god my navy wife.

Author: Michael Felton
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