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Funny Poem
By Sabrina N. Gray

You walk into class and get in your seat,
But before you get there, you trip over your feet.

You're trying to sit down without being the class clown,
Then you fall to the ground saying, 'Who pushed me down?'

You try to erase the first moments of class,
So you get up to ask the teacher for a pass.

Going through class then to the computer room,
When the late bell rings you've got to use the bathroom.

You get to P.E and then to Math class,
Trying to go the bathroom but they won't give you a pass.

You sit in your seat but can't stand the heat,
As you get up you use the bathroom in your seat.

For the rest of the day you are gloomy and gray,
'Cause you cannot believe what had happened that day.

You go home to tell your parents why you're mad,
Then they laugh and say it isn't all that bad.

You go to your room and cry the night away,
Then you wake and laugh at what happened that day.

Author: Sabrina N. Gray
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