Enduring Love

Submitted By: Blueboy

Enduring Love

Stand And fight for what is right. For what you know is true.
Stay and lie and just deny The things that make you Blue.
Hold My hand and understand where I lead you to.
Because someday soon Iíll take the moon and show you something new.

We'll stand together we'll last forever and weather all the pain.
Our love is strong and we'll last long, standing in the rain.
And then we'll know how love does grow and breaks that heavy chain.
When bones get old and flesh gets cold we'll come back here again.

I hold your heart I hold your hand I take them everywhere
Those loving days your doting ways show your lasting care.
A loving sanctuary where you have carried the burdens that we bare.
I see your face, My special place, and Iíll always stay there.

Author: Brittany Enriquez
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