baby bailey

Submitted By: mamamongoose

Before you knew what life was I was there,
Before you have ears to hear the worlds busyness with I was there,
Before you knew what it was to taste I was there,
Before you knew what it was to fear I was there,
Before the world knew you existed I was there,
When the gift of you was created I was there,

So when you lay yourself down tonight in your blankets so fluffy and safe,
Remember I'm here with you to protect you,
When your mind runs crazy with silly thoughts I'm here,
It's safe to cry because I won't laugh,
It's safe to learn because I won't hold you back,
When you cut yourself and wake scared in the night I am here.

One day I won't be here but you'll remember when I was and that is what is important.

Author: amanda edwards
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