Black, Eyes}Blue Tears

Submitted By: tina32277

Black, Eyes}Blue Tears
know joy for me only fear
That's how I feel with u,
Iam human and i have a heart.
But i find im wondering if u do
A coward hiding behind
The hands that smacks me
and puts me in my place
But dont u think i see
that look on your face
you think you controll me
I think thats funny I want
nothing from you hunny,
I am better off without
someone like you.
I deserve to live happily and
not in the hell you put me
through. So I hope life
is happy for you.
I'll say a prayer tonight
to GOD in heaven that he will
make me alright.
I'll pray that he gives me strength
not to let you bring me down
and he will hold me in his
faithful arms, and keep me safe
from harm.
A man does not hit, a ,man does not use,
A man would not abuse.
There for you are not a man
just a sad boy who wants to make
everyones life and kill any joy.
But I am over you just in the hell
I've denied and soon I'll forget that
you were ever mine, because someone
will love me for who I am inside.

Author: tina
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