Unrequited Love(Unfinished)

Submitted By: KatyBob

Your breath is so rhythmical as you sleep, so silently
I ponder the depths of your dreams and hope that they're of me
I wonder what its like to feel this complete adoration
To be loved so unconditionally and to seem so complacent

This love must be all wrong, its not fair on my part
I fight for bits of you, while you hold every piece of my heart
I can't help but be completely broken by such unrequited love
It's a painful realization that what you have to offer isn't enough

I've watched you lust for someone else and buried it deep inside
I've compromised my shattered soul, relinquished all my pride
I've lied to myself, pretending there was something left to mend
I've tried forcing myself to trust that you'll be faithful to the end

Author: Katy Steimling(KatyBob)
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