What time do you give love before you call it true?

Submitted By: cagirl2azgirl

Is it at first sight?
Maybe for some, but how long will it last.
Falling in love with someone who you know nothing at all about.
This is what I consider lust not love.
Is it after a day?
How well do you know him, do you know what he likes, what are his dislikes?
Is it after a week?
The long phone conversations make it seam all most possible, but can you have the same conversations face to face?
Is it after a month?
You see each other everyday, talking on the phone when you are not together, and hanging out with his friends almost every weekend.
His friends can tell where he ends and you begin.
You get a better understanding of him, but do you love him?
Is it after a year?
By this time you should know how he makes you feel.
Can you live without him?
When you go to bed at night do you stay up just for a few minutes and watch him as he sleeps?
Can you picture yourself with him when you are old and grey, sitting on a park bench holding hand?
Do you truly love him?

If you answer yes to these questions then you are in love and not just lust. So many times I have confused the two, and have only experienced heart aches. So take my word when I say that a great love come to those who wait. Take your time to find your one love!

Author: cagirl2azgirl
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