"Bed Of Loneliness"

Submitted By: FROGGY 2U

Night after night I sit stareing at the clock, thinking........"tonight will be different". "Any minute now", i keep telling myself. Finally after hours of waiting I began to loose all hope. I rise from the sofa, where i had been sitting and head into the kitchen. As I began to put the stuff away from the dinner I had prepared for us I here a rumble of a truck in the distance. A moment of hope flickers and my heart starts to pound with antisapation ......untill the nieghbor pull in his drive and i know it cant be you. I finishing putting the stuff in the fridge and blow out the candles that had almost burnt up. Then I fix me a sandwhich since I'm not in the mood for the steak i just put away. I take the sandwhich and retire to our room. I flick through the channels as I finish my last bite. Settled that there is nothing on I turn the T.V. off and climb under the covers of the bed that when we bought it I thought would give us so much more room. But not it just seemed so empty and filled with loneliness. Just before I drift off the idea of how and why you are so neglectfull of my love brings tear rolling down my check onto the pillow...... And I fall off to sleep, back to dreamland where our bed is full of love and not loneliness!!!

(If there is someone special in your lives, dont let this it go unshown. This is something that can cause so much pain especially if it is on going...yet it is so simple to fix and wont cost you a dime......just your time!)

Author: CindyLee
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