"My Dream Scape

Submitted By: FROGGY 2U

All snuggled up ready for bed your soothing voice in my ear

As we say our goodnights and I hang up the phone

My head on my pillow my eyes so heavly closing softly

While thoughts of you fill my mind, body and soul

The journey I begin to that wonderful dream scape

As my heart beats with extreme yearning and longing

Finally...........I open my eyes

Just to see you lookin down upon me as I lay there

You reach out pull me up into your arms

So tightly you hold me as I you

I can feel the warmth of your body against mine

And hear your heart skip a beat

Lifting my head from your shoulder to look at you

Our eyes meet and I see the passion burning in them

Then you come in closer and I can feel your lips brush mine

Ever so gentaly and softly we begian to kiss

Slowly the passion seems to increase as out tongues meet

I open my mouth to let yours in as I glide mine in yours

I know and can feel you want me in everyway

I feel your body calling me so intensely

Gentally you push me back

Down.......down.....onto the bed I go agian

But with you in my arms we miss not a beat

As our lips are now locked as is our inbrace

My head reaches the pillow once agian

The grip we have loosens and I close my eyes so happily content

Only for me to reopen them a few seconds later

To see you drifting away and begianing to fade

I reach out only to feel air between my finger tips

Wishing with all my heart I shut my eyes once agian

With hopes you will return as I reopen my eyes

I am blinded by the rising sun comin through the window

A new day has begun leaving me dazed and alone

Only to relise it was just a dream from wich I have awakin

Never were you truely in my arms but living in my heart

Even with this conclusion I wear a smile up on my face

For I know I can return to my dream scape

As we say our goodnights at this days end

So this is just the begianing of another days end

And one more trip to you to your loveing embrace

Author: CindyLee
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