"The Connection"

Submitted By: FROGGY 2U

People have told me, " Don't take the internet
seriously. They have told me, "Those people
aren't REAL. They have told me a lot about
the internet.

I have heard story after story of heartache.
I have witnessed pain, sorrow and intense love.
I have seen peoples hearts printed out for the
world to see, in hopes it will touch someone.

One of the most important things I have seen
though, I'm not sure I could put into words.
It's a CONNECTION. It's hard to imagine
unless you've been there. When people get
together, over the miles... state to state and
country to country, and they connect. REALLY
CONNECT!! It is amazing. Absolutely amazing.

I'm not talking about the "man to woman"
connection. I'm talking about the "friend
to friend." I'm talking about some people
you have met, that instantly you KNEW
were going to be important in your life.

The ones you laugh with, kid with, cry with,
hurt for when they are hurting. They make
you worry. They make you crazy! The ones
who touch you deep inside when they are not
there anymore, and make you wish they were.

If you have ever experienced that type of
connection with someone you have never
met... face to face... you have indeed been
blessed. I know, without a doubt, that I have!

Author: Unknown
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