Daughter and Wife

Submitted By: ce8110

I want to be home
with my daughter and wife
I left long ago
I put a hold on my life
My daughter has grown
My wife has stayed true
I pray you both know
I do this for you
My time here was long
but the end now grows near
I'll take my last flights
with a new burning fear
My daughter wont know me
My wife feels betrayed
The decisions I made
a life thrown away
Will they forgive me for leaving
Can they trust me to stay
Will they hold and embrace me
or have I pushed them away
I'm counting the days
til I'm with them once more
So I can start giving the life
the life that I swore
I know that they love me
I know that they care
But the thought of them leaving
Is a thought I cant bare
The count down is over
The day is now here
No more time for the worries
Its time to face all my fears
They run up and hug me
My fears fade away
Their love had not faded
As if I was gone just a day
Now that I'm home
With the loves of my life
I'll cherish the time
With my daughter and wife

Author: Royse Sessums
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