why do you?

Submitted By: akuma

why do you look at me with those eyes,
those eyes i get so lost in,
why do you smile at me,
oh how it makes me melt,
why do you hug me,
i feel so safe in your arms,
why do you have to be everything that i thought i'd never have,
you make my life something,
why do you have to be hers,
oh how i loath her,
why do you call her my name sometimes,
yes i hear your mess ups,
why do you call me when something mind blowing happens and not her,
yes i know i'm the first to know,
why do you remember my birthday and not hers,
wasn't her birthday that weekend of my party and u stayed the whole time,
why do you not see her when you look at her,
i thought her eyes were brown not hazel like mine,
why do you insist on being with her,
i know i'm always on your mind, so,
why do you

Author: akuma
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