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Gigi of My Life
ArtDax for Gigi T. Salvador
(ABBA Rhyme)

Gigi, you are the only one who keeps me alive
The years may come and the years may go,
The world may change, and tears may flow
But what we shared will forever survive

I was wise enough not to follow my heart
If only I met you one day, just one day
Sooner, then Iíll be kissing your lips today
Holding you, feeling the beat of your heart

Instead I find my fingers scribbling your name
On the sand, on the steamy glass of my car
Wishing up there in the heavens afar
That life will again someday be the same

But when will your love ever set me free?
When will the songs I hear not be about you
When will the verses I write not be for you
Must I suffer through all eternity?

How did we go on all of these years?
How could I bear not seeing your face full of love?
The gleam in your eyes in the afterglow of love
How can I forget the last sparkle of tears

How do you look now? The way I remember you?
Did we experience heaven for just a moment,
Only to suffer a lifetime of torment
Do you remember the things we used to do?

Do you remember our breakfasts at Macyís,
The pancakes, baked apples, eggs and steak?
Our long roadtrips that started at day break
Our lovemaking that left us so breathless

Do you remember how we made love in the pool,
And inside our tent at Ausable Chasm
While enjoying the colors of autumn
And at the parking lot of a certain school?

The roadside lake where you shamelessly took a dip
How we stopped by the woods coz we could not wait
We were simply slaves to our heartsí dictate
Wasnít that such a memorable trip?

Gigi, if you read this you know Iíve suffered
Just as much as you if not even more
When I said goodbye and walked out your door
I knew my future would be altered

On that Valentineís Day, my heart was breaking
Into thousand pieces when I said goodbye
I never wanted to see you cry
But for me, someone else was waiting

Is this Godís fate for us, was this unplanned?
If you read this I beg you to find me
So your heart can finally set me free
And on my deathbed, hold my hand

Author: artdax
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