My Marine

Submitted By: Marines_Girl_11

Itís so hard to think about,
Every time it comes to mind a tear comes to my eye.
Not because I do not want you to go,
But only because I know how difficult itís going to be to say good-bye.
Youíre my person,
That person that I am able to go to day or night,
The one who makes me so happy that I donít know whether to laugh or to cry.
And the feelings I have for you I could never deny.

You make me more proud than you could ever imagine
And soon you will do the same for your country.
Youíre strong, youíre brave, and your heart is made of gold.
It takes courage and determination to make such a promise,
And our country would not be the place it is without men like you.
Itís going to be hard on your body and on your heart,
But even though you will be in California we will never be apart.

I have had you for 912 days and counting
And I know we will make it through those eighty-four.
It will be a challenge,
But with faith and hope we will persevere.
Our relationship is strong and built on trust,
And even though I am only sixteen,
I am proud to say that I love my marine

Author: Marines_Girl_11
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