Wishing for My Marine

Submitted By: Marines_Girl_11

Last few days
Ignoring whatís to come
Wishing there were other ways
To shade the light of the sun

Listening to our songs
Soaking up his words
It seemed so long
Before heíd return

I made a pact
That I intend to keep
As he turned his back
Tears came upon me

Promising to be strong
My chin I held high
Pretending nothingís wrong
Was what I tried

Thirteen weeks
Of being alone
Itís not real easy
To be without your heartís home

When he comes back to me
Iíll never let him go
Oh, if only that could be
Impossible I know

I reminisce of the past days
Memories keep me warm
The skies grow gray
But my heart remains un-torn

Our nationís defender
My personal king
But for all to know and remember
Heís a U.S. Marine

Author: UnKnown
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