I'm Sending You

Submitted By: Marines_Girl_11

he's with her in the morning, as she wakes with gentle prayer,
melting from her dreams, as sunlight warms her hair,
but its never quite the same, she somehow feels alone,
that day that he deployed, she lost a piece of home,
painting on a smile, she tries with all her might,
shaking hand on paper, she finds the strength to write:
I'm sending you my warmest wishes,
all my hugs and all my kisses,
a thousand stamps could never tell you,
just how much I'm thinking of you,
a hundred words land on this page,
telling of my simple day,
when you're not here, i miss you my dear,
as home feels a million miles away.
she's sending words off to war, as tears tap on the ground,
searching frantic for whatever faith that can be found,
praying for him to come home, to hold him once again,
to get to hear his voice out loud, past paper and a pen,
today's mail brings a letter, and hope begins to rise,
she reads his gentle words and joy lights up her eyes,
embracing all your heart-felt wishes,
i miss your hugs and love your kisses,
another stamp here just to tell you,
I'm brave and safe and thinking of you,
my words are few, i have to go,
but just in case you didn't know,
though I'm out here, i hold you near,
with home being a million miles away.
his note beneath her pillow, she's turning out the light,
at least she knows today, so far he is alright,
that how she makes it through, that is how she endures,
with letters back and forth, all signed "forever yours",
she sighs a sigh and finds a smile, for six months from today,
in army greens, through tears of joy,he'll hold her near and say:
I'm standing here with dreams and wishes,
with all my hugs and all my kisses,
all those stamps they never told you,
just how much i longed to hold you,
all your words on every page,
read them over everyday,
but now I'm here, i love you my dear,
now home is always here to stay.

Author: A friend off of Facebook
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