Submitted By: Sorrells

baby blue color in a child's eyes
tells no secrets, tells no lies.

childhood is an innocent stage
they're not weighed down with worry, they're not caged

the cage is a symbol of worries and tries
the children don't know the meaning of death and goodbyes

we try and protect them from getting hurt
but as they grow older, they rebel and get worse

if you've ever lost a child, you know the pain
and the sympathy is a useless gain

i don't know how being a mother feels
but i love my nieces and nephew enough to make it real

so here is to all the mothers who have ever lost a child
you don't always have to be strong, you can cry once in a while

i hope you understand this message I'm sending to you
i feel your pain, and i hope you make it through.

Author: Courtney Sorrells
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