Your Love

Submitted By: Sorrells

As i look into your eyes, i see your pain
how much she broke your heart and left it slain

you took your hand in mind and pulled me close into your arms
i knew that from now on i was safe from any harm

It feels so right laying here with you
and i know that love isn't always too good to be true

even when i was sad, you were there to pull me through
and helped renew my life and make it as good as new

you tell me how you love me, how you'll never let me go
and i look into your eyes and know that it's so

you know how much i need you and see the fire in my eyes
and even when you say you love me, the fire never dies

so hang on to my words my love and keep them in your heart
and then no matter what, we'll never be apart.

Author: Courtney Sorrells
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