Marine's Girl

Submitted By: Proud_Marine_Girlfriend

We lie awake at night,
Tears rolling down my face,
Wishing you could come home,
And stop all the pain.

We stand proud each day,
Only break down at night,
Being a Marines girl isn't easy,
We're always part of the fight.

We fight to go on with our day,
To get out of bed each morning,
To look at someone and smile,
Cause it's hard when you feel lonely.

We watch our friends cry,
They haven't seen their man for 3 days,
We're still standing strong,
We haven't seen our Marine in 3 months,
They have already broken down,
We're still moving along.

We were meant to be with our Marines,
Everyone knows this because we're strong,
We all break down sometimes,
Sometimes we find it hard to move along.

Remember that you're proud of your marine and you love him,
Pray for him everyday,
Hope that god keeps him safe,
When a Marines love is true,
Together you will stay.

Author: Proud_Marine_Girlfriend
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