Your Love

Submitted By: whit_luvs_shawn

So tender, So pleasant, So sweet.
That is what your love is to me.
So precious, So lively, So happy.
That is what your love means to me.
Love, that's what we share.
It shows how much we care.
When you look at the sky.
I see that lovely twinkle in your eye.
With every touch.
Oh, how i love it so much.
With every rose.
It shows.
Passion, desire, lust, love.
Love is like air.
You cant see it.
You can feel it.
It is a feeling of joyfulness.
Being with the one you love.
Sharing laughs.
Sharing kisses and touches.
The lust and desire.
It's like a rage of fire.
Burning sensation.
Lustful desires.
My love for you will never expire.
I'll be your princess and you my prince.
And with every kiss.
The wish that we wish.
Will come true.
The passion involved.
Wont dissolve.
For our love.
Is to strong.
Cant cut it with a knife.
The love wont slice.
For its power.
Is strong inside us and we will prevail.
And soon I will have a wedding Vail.
So i love you form every inch of my heart.
Your mine.
We bind.
We shall stay strong.
With the love.
We share and show how much we care.
Your mine.
I'm yours.
Forever more.
In eternity.
I Love You!

Author: Whitney Herrold
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